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We are a renowned and respected wholesaler and distributor for office supplies and packaging consumables in Kuwait since 1993. We supply companies all over Kuwait with products of the highest quality. At Salhiya Tower we never compromise on the quality or the efficiency of our products and services.

These formed the basis of our good reputation in the market today and are proven by our excellent track record since the last 20 years. This is also the primary reason for why a company started with only $50 has now grown to have yearly revenue of nearly $5 million in sales.

Our quick growth and strong stand in the market is also due to our ability to deliver the best quality at the most reasonable price. All our products are sold under our registered brand name “YAKUT”. The products page should give a better understanding of the type of products held in our inventory and for a quote of prices, please send us an enquiry. Alternatively, you can directly contact us by email through sales@salhiyatower.com. Please note that we cater to the needs of small companies looking to sell quality products as well as large multinational corporations, all over Kuwait; so do not hesitate to send us an enquiry whatever your demand may be.

We have large and organised network of warehousing, logistics and manpower to meet demands of our clients in time. The pictures above are of our head office located in Andalous Street, Al Rai and our retail outlet in Murghab, further details of these locations can be found on the Contact Us page.

Head office located in Andalous Street

Retail Outlet in Murghab

Company's Warehouse